We rework damaged and discarded vintage and second-hand clothing and fabrics to bring them back to life as something new, making it fresh & durable whilst adding our own twist.

There are just two of us at the moment, A and Mabel. We're both trans, autistic and queer and we've been together since 2013. A is Agender and their pronouns are They and Them, Mabel is Genderqueer and their pronouns are She and They.

We started WONKY in October 2020 by reworking the clothes in our wardrobe and selling them on Depop. After a lot of hurdles, WONKY took off and we decided to properly start up as a business.

Our mission and priority is to make pieces for everyone, that means making our clothes in any size, with no gender in mind and offering to make any kind of alteration to our pieces at no extra cost to people who buy from us!

Most of our items are one-offs in the size we make them in, but we want everyone to be able to get the item they want. So, if you see something you like that we didn't make in your size, just send us a message & we'll make a similar one for you for the same price as the original.

We hand-make all our items personally so please allow up to 28 working days to receive your order. This window gives us more than enough time to make and ship your order but allows some room for COVID-19 or weather-related stalls in our ability to get to our studio.