We rework damaged and discarded vintage and second-hand clothing and fabrics to bring them back to life as something new, making it fresh & durable whilst adding our own twist.


There are just two of us at the moment, A & Mabel. We're both trans, autistic and queer and we've been together since 2013. A is Agender and their pronouns are They and Them, Mabel is Genderqueer and their pronouns are She and They.
We started WONKY after losing our jobs during the pandemic. We needed to replace our lost income but no one was hiring, and we were (and still are) very done working for people that kept almost all of the value our labour created despite doing none of the work, so we decided to start a business using our skills - Mabel is a fashion creative and A is a digital media creative. We had no money though, so the stock we started with, we made by reworking the clothes in our wardrobe. Because of the nature of repurposing second-hand fabrics, almost all of our items will be made from patch-worked fabric.

Most of our items are one-offs in the size we make them in, but we want everyone to be able to get the item they want in their size, so if you see something you like that we didn't make in your size, just send us a message & we'll make a similar one for you, for the same price as the original. Working with you and sending you pictures throughout the making process, so you can be sure that you'll be happy with the end result. If you want, we'll even make it using your exact measurements for the same price so that whatever it is, will be a perfect fit for your body.

We hand make all our items personally so please allow up to 28 working days to receive your order. This window gives us more than enough time to make and ship your order but allows some room for COVID-19 or weather-related stalls in our ability to get to our studio.

Our Promise

Openness, honesty, and fairness
In all things, including our pricing. We will only charge what we need to charge to cover our losses & make more clothes, plus enough to be able to donate 30% of our profits (more info on that under "Equity"), plus enough for us to be able to survive financially without needing to have more jobs than just WONKY. We're not trying to be billionaires, or even millionaires.
Accountability and responsibility
We will never place ourselves above criticism and we promise to only ever use and promote ethical work practices and to treat staff, artists we hire, customers & the planet with kindness and respect.
We promise to only ever pay the real Living Wage (£10.85 an hour) or above it to everyone we hire or work with.
If WONKY becomes successful enough for us to be able to take on staff, we will prioritise hiring black people, people of colour, trans people, queer people & disabled people & people who experience intersections of these realities & identities.
We promise to only ever use sustainable vintage and second-hand fabric to make our clothes. 
We promise to also make use of our waste fabrics & always aim to be zero waste.
All black people deserve reparations for historical & ongoing wrongdoings by the institutionally racist United Kingdom that white people consciously or subconsciously benefit from at their expense.
We know that our government will not order these reparations or even acknowledge that they are owed & deserved without outside pressure, and that white members of the general British public as a whole will continue to feel oppressed by other groups gaining a fraction of equality, let alone complete equity, so it is up to white people to apply that pressure in any way we can.
As soon as we break even, we promise to divert at least 20% or more of our profits to a cash pot that we use to pay out lump sum donations to black individuals across the UK.
We will prioritise trans and queer black people for these pay-outs.