We create new and durable pieces with zero waste by reworking vintage and secondhand fabrics.

WONKY currently consists of Alex and Mabel. We've been together since 2013, and we're both autistic. Alex is agender and their pronouns are They and Them, Mabel is genderqueer and their pronouns are She and They.

A collage of a sewing machine next to green plants, and patchwork red jersey fabric

WONKY began in October of 2020 as a way to rework clothes in our wardrobe and sell them on Depop. After many hurdles, WONKY took off and we decided to formally start up our business.

We make pieces for everyone, which means anyone can wear them, regardless of gender or type of person. Additionally, we are willing to alter our pieces free of charge for people who purchase from us!

Our items are usually unique to the size we make them in, but we want everyone to get the item they want, so if you see something you like but it doesn't have your size, just let us know and we'll make you one similar for the same price.